Legacies of the New World Avenger, with Laurent Dubois, Julia Gaffield, and Grégory Pierrot

2019 marks the 15th-anniversary of the publication of Laurent Dubois’s Avengers of the New World (2004), the first narrative history of the Haitian Revolution to be published in the English language since the landmark appearance of C.L.R. James’s The Black Jacobins in 1938. Dubois' book heralded a new era of interest in the Haitian Revolution among Anglophone scholars.

Listening Roundtable with A.D. Carson



Lanice Avery, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Women and Gender Studies, UVA

Marcus Fitzgerald, Music Producer and Recording Artist

Jack Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, UVA

Njelle Hamilton, Assistant Professor of African-American and African Studies, UVA

Guthrie Ramsey, Professor of Music & Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania 



Please come out for SWAHILI CULTURAL NIGHT.


When: April 27,2017

Where: 110 Minor Hall

Time: 5:00-6:30PM


You are invited to the Swahili Cultural Night event organized by Swahili Students at UVA. Students will be presenting skits, songs and poems. They also welcome you to taste some delicious Swahili food.


See you there!

"Enduring Questions, New Methods: Haitian Studies in the 21st Century"

In the spirit of Papa Legba (a Haitian lwa, or spirit, who acts as a crossroads between the human and non-human worlds), this conference is dedicated to what Gina Ulysse has called “New Narratives of Haiti.” We envision this conference as a series of roundtables. Dispensing with formal papers, we hope to facilitate conversation as a crossroads at which scholars might generatively explore Haitian history, art, politics, and culture in ways that contest narratives of fear, repression, failure, and dependency.

August in Perspective: Culminating Showcase

Culminating Showcase  

  • March 2nd 7:00 pm, The Haven
  • Performance of "A King's Story" by Joshua St. Hill, Amaya Wallace, and the Monticello Drama Department
  • Performance of plays created during the 12-hour play project, "How to Live in Charlottesville"
  • Performance of musical composition on redevelopment by children of Friendship Court
  • Poetry readings
  • Display and discussion of Kintsugi pottery and Solidarity Cards



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