The Carter G. Woodson Institute, U.Va.

The Carter G. Woodson Institute

for African-American and African Studies at the University of Virginia

The Slavery Since Emancipation Speaker Series

Talk Description: Four "peculiar institutions" have served to define and confine African Americans in U.S. society over the past four centuries: racialized slavery, the Jim Crow system of caste terrorism, the urban ghetto, and the hybrid formed by the concatenation of the hyperghetto and the carceral system. In this lecture, Professor Wacquant will discuss their similarities and differences and draw out the consequences of this historical model for the current scholarly and policy debates around race and citizenship.

Spring 2018

African American and African Studies Program


AAS 1020 – Introduction to African-American and African Studies

Professor Claudrena Harold

TuTh 12:30-1:45pm


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Henry Goings; ed Calvin Schermerhorn, Michael Plunkett, and Edward Gaynor
Deborah E. McDowell, Claudrena N. Harold, and Juan Battle, eds
Deborah E. McDowell, ed
Sally Belfrage
Armstead L. Robinson and Patricia Sullivan, eds


3:30pm | Minor Hall, Room 110