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Independent Study

Guidelines for Independent Study Courses in African American and African Studies

AAS independent study courses (AAS 4993) are student-driven. They entail the approximate amount of reading and writing that an upper-level seminar would require: 1500-2000 pages of reading. Most students carry out an academic research project, which involves writing and submitting a 20-page research paper. However, students may propose a creative research project, an applied research project, or a design-based research project with approval of a faculty supervisor.

These different types of research projects are described in the document, Defining Undergraduate Research (Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Programs), which can be found on the Carter G. Woodson website. Students should decide on their own topic, and then approach an appropriate faculty member to request that s/he direct the independent study. Faculty who supervise independent studies in AAS must be either AAS core or affiliate faculty.

Students are strongly encouraged to obtain approval of the supervising professor prior to the semester when the independent study will begin. The student should obtain the supervisor’s signature on a course action form and submit it to Minor 108.

AAS Independent Study Guidelines

Defining Undergraduate Research -- Vice Provost for Academic Programs



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