The Carter G. Woodson Institute, U.Va.

The Carter G. Woodson Institute

for African-American and African Studies at the University of Virginia


Conversations in Caribbean Studies presents: Word. Sound. Power. A listening session in honor of Lee "Scratch" Perry


Following the death of the pioneering dub musician, Lee "Scratch" Perry, this panel brings together leading Jamaican and international dub/’Scratch’ Perry scholars, producers and musicians who have worked with him and whose work is inspired by him. In the lead up to the event, be sure to check out the Spotify playlist curated by the panelists.


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Conversations in Caribbean Studies Book Chat with Robert Fatton Jr.

Conversations in Caribbean Studies Book Chat with Robert Fatton, Jr., author of The Guise of the Exceptionalism: Unmasking the National Narratives of Haiti and the United States (Rutgers UP, 2021). Respondent: Chelsea Stieber (Catholic University of America), author of Haiti’s Paper War: Post-Independence Writing, Civil War, and the Making of the Republic, 1804–1954 (NYU Press, 2020).

Faculty members awarded NEH Fellowships

Marlene Daut awarded fellowship for her project "Awakening the Ashes: An Intellectual History of Haiti" which seeks to produce an intellectual history of Haiti from 1804 to the 1950s.

Andrew Kahrl's fellowship project "The Power to Destroy: A Hidden History of Race and Taxes in America" will lead to a book and digital map on property taxation and race from Reconstruction through the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.


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