Joao Batista Nacimento Gregorie headshot

João Batista Nacimento Gregorie

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Dissertation Title:
Fighting the Myth of Racial Democracy from Within – Black Political Action in Brazil (mid-1970s - early 2000s)

João Batista N. Gregoire is a PhD candidate in the department of History at University of Kansas. João was born in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil. His dissertation “Fighting the Myth of Racial Democracy from Within –Black Political Action in Brazil (mid 1970s - early 2000s),” unearths the lives of historically ignored Afro-Brazilians to demonstrate their role in the attainment of groundbreaking corrective measures towards the fight against racial discrimination. It shifts the conventional focus from the federal government and places the origins of such revolutionary race-based reform within the realm of Black politics.

University of Kansas