The Carter G. Woodson Institute, U.Va.

The Carter G. Woodson Institute

for African-American and African Studies at the University of Virginia

The African Studies Colloquium Series Presents Professor Patricia McFadden

"Contemporarity in Africa: Feminist Perspectives of An Alternative Future"
Thursday, November 16, 2017 3:30 PM
110 Minor Hall

The African Studies Colloquium Series proudly presents a talk by the African Feminist and Anti-apartheid activist Professor Patricia McFadden, entitled Contemporarity in Africa: Feminist Perspectives of an Alternative Future. The event is going to held on November 16, between 3:30pm and 5pm, at Minor Hall 110.


Professor McFadden is currently a Visiting Professor at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa. Over the past four decades, she has published in newspapers, magazines, academic and activist journals, anthologies on subjects ranging from Feminist Theory and the conceptualisation of gender within the African and Global women’s Movement to issues of Appropriate Technology and Alternative Lifestyles in local journals, magazines and newspapers. Professor McFadden’s focus has tended to be around struggles over power between those who occupy the State and the instruments of repression (the military and resources) and the re-definition of Feminism at the personal and public/political levels within African societies; Reproductive Health and the struggle for Reproductive and Sexual Rights; Sexuality and Pleasure, and more recently, Post-Coloniality and the contested notions and practices relating to Human Rights and Citizenship, as well as the necessity of re-imagining African Feminism, issues of Dignity, Wellness and Pleasure  within Southern African societies in particular.