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African American and African Studies Major

Declaring an AAS Major

In order to declare a major, a student must have taken, or be enrolled in, AAS 1010 or 1020. Students considering a major in African American and African Studies may consult any AAS faculty advisor, or contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUP), Andrew Kahrl.

Requirements for AAS Majors

The African-American and African Studies interdisciplinary major comprises 9 courses (a minimum of 29 credit hours) that are selected from the list of AAS courses, approved by an AAS faculty advisor, and satisfy the following requirements:

  • AAS 1010 and 1020, with a “C” or better in both courses
  • One course concerning race and politics in the United States
  • One course in the humanities (Art History, Drama, English, French, Music, Philosophy, or Religious Studies)
  • One course in the social sciences or history (Anthropology, Economics, Government and Foreign Affairs, History, Psychology, Slavic Languages, Sociology). This course must be in addition to AAS 1010 and 1020.
  • One course about Africa, which may fulfill requirements 3–4 above
  • Three courses at or above the 3000 level, which may fulfill requirements 2–5 above
  • Three electives from approved course list
  • One seminar at or above the 4000-level that requires a 20 page research paper
  • A major GPA of 2.0
  • AAS 4993 (Independent Study) does not meet the 4000-level seminar requirement. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to qualify to enroll in AAS 4993; students may petition the AAS Curriculum Committee to make exceptions by submitting a petition form found on the AAS website, but exceptions are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Only one independent study can count toward the AAS major and it must count as an elective. 

Up to 11 credits in another departmental major may count toward an AAS major, if the courses are among those that appear in the list of AAS courses. Up to 6 transfer credits from relevant study abroad programs may be counted toward the major, with the advance written permission of the AAS Director of Undergraduate Programs.


The procedure for declaring a major in African-American and African Studies is as follows:

  • Pick up a Declaration of Major form in Monroe Hall.
  • Make an appointment with the DUP, Andrew Kahrl, whose office is 282 Nau Hall.
  • Bring the Declaration form and major worksheet (pdf), to your appointment.
  • Be prepared to discuss the courses you have taken, or plan to take, to fulfill the AAS requirements.

Major Requirement Worksheet (pdf)


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